Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Philadelphia Surviving Broad St Apocalypse

News reports leading up to the Broad St closing for Convention Center demolition painted a grim 9 days of gridlock in Philadelphia. "Drivers beware!" warned Channel 6 on their website.

While motorists who are unaware of the detour are losing some time in their vehicles on North Broad St the North Side of City Hall is blissfully quiet.

An interesting feature of the closure is a rare (for Philadelphia) "high load limit" enclosed walkway shelters adjacent to the demolition site. These shelters have been championed by Councilman Kenney who noted in a recent presentation that New York City requires that the load limit for walkway shelters in NYC exceed 300lbs. In the past the Streets Department probably would have simply closed off Broad St to pedestrians.

And as of Wednesday Morning neither the walkway shelter nor the city has collapsed.