Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Bike Share Gets Hearing at City Hall

City Council Committees on Environment and Transportation held a joint 1.5 hour hearing on bike sharing Wednesday afternoon. There was a great turnout of both supporters and City Council members. Thank you to everyone who came!

Deputy Mayor Rina Cutler, who spoke on behalf of the Nutter Administration, expressed support for increasing cycling and supports bike sharing in concept. She discussed the various models for bike sharing. She wants to see bike sharing started as a pilot or demonstration. Her two main issues were 1) what is a workable model and 2) what is the public's appetite for advertising.

Along with Deputy Mayor Rina Cutler, the following persons also testified: Deputy Mayor Donald Schwarz, State Representative Babette Josephs, Alex Doty of the Bicycle Coalition, Clayton Lane of Philly Car Share, Russell Meddin of Bike Share Philadelphia, Brittany Bonnet, Margaret Linzi of the Bicycle Club of Philadelphia, Michael McGettigan of Trophy Bikes, Mark Madden of Cemusa, Martin McDonough of Wall/JCDecaux and George Kauker of Clear Channel Outdoor.

More photos from the hearing are here