Thursday, March 27, 2008

There Is No Such Thing As A "Stupid Bike Lane"

Although Slate Magazine might beg to differ:

We don't think there are stupid bike lanes, in fact BCGP loves all 210 miles of them. But there are few that we think are "connectively challenged" with the rest of the network.


Anonymous said...

Well..... Yes there is such an animal.

The guy in this video complains about the short length but that's not really the problem. This bike lane leaves a rider square in the "door zone" and being "doored" is one of the most common cycling accidents involving a motor vehicle as many of us already know. Dooring can kill as happened in NYC a few months ago where a doored cyclists was pushed into traffic and was then run over by a garbage truck.

Actually now that I look at it again it seems that many of the cars are parked really far from the curb (some are right next to the bike lane others are 2 feet away). This could be helped by reducing the width of the parking area and widening the bike lane further into the parking area. Such a set up tends to make cars park much neater into the curb.

Not as dumb as this guy would lead you to believe but not perfectly smart either.