Saturday, March 22, 2008

Google Maps and Virtual Earth Can Bring A Better Perspective

I love every advance that developers are creating with Google Maps. Now there is a great one that combines Google + Virtual Earth Mashup called Dual Maps which can give you a satellite, map, street or Birds Eye view. Like this one of Independence Hall.


Peter said...

pretty cool mashup.

that said, i'll take google's "street view" over the "bird's eye view".

Anonymous said...

Yeah, if you can actually get the Streetview for the street your looking for. Your SOL for most of Jersey on Streetsview but MSN got birdseye images for much of the US in a year's time.

Both have their advanatges but MSN birdseye images are more useful since your pretty much guaranteed an image for the area your looking for.

Anonymous said...

Also John! Can we have an address for Dual Maps? A Google search of "Dual Maps" doesn't really help.