Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Bicycle Parking in LEED Certification

LEED stands for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design. The United States Green Building Council (USGBC) created LEED as a rating system for green buildings. The LEED standards application is actually a checklist with points awarded for green amenities. The council then looks at the application and awards a certified, silver, gold or platinum standard for the building.

The Comcast Center is LEED Certified which is the minimum standard, it is the tallest buiding in the world to have this designation. But one LEED amenity that it is currently lacking is Bicycle Parking (unless someone can tell me where the bike racks are located). Perhaps if they included bicycle amenities the Comcast Center could have been awarded Silver status.

According to the documentation One point is awarded for bicycle parking:

Alternative Transportation:
Bicycle Storage & Changing Rooms Intent

Reduce pollution and land development impacts from automobile use.

For commercial or institutional buildings, provide secure bicycle storage with
convenient changing/shower facilities (within 200 yards of the building) for
5% or more of regular building occupants. For residential buildings, provide
covered storage facilities for securing bicycles for 15% or more of building
occupants in lieu of changing/shower facilities.


❏ For commercial projects: provide the LEED Letter Template, signed by
the Architect or responsible party, declaring the distance to bicycle storage
and showers from the building entrance and demonstrating that these
facilities can accommodate at least 5% of building occupants.


For residential projects: provide the LEED Letter Template, signed by the
architect or responsible party, declaring the design occupancy for the
buildings, number of covered bicycle storage facilities for securing bicycles,
and demonstrating that these facilities can accommodate at least
15% of building occupants.

Potential Technologies & Strategies
Design the building with transportation amenities such as bicycle racks and
showering/changing facilities.


Anonymous said...

But for shower facilities, how do you calculate the number of shower bays? Surely it is not 5% of occupants, they all don't take shower at same time!

Anonymous said...

shower facilities are calculated at .5% of full time equivalent occupants. 5% is for bike racks.

Anonymous said...

I think the concept for LEED Certified buildings is great and I hope more people will embrace riding their bikes if the buildings have the facilities. I think cities need to make more of an effort as well to create safe paths for those that would like to commute by bike. I know that our office building had the facilities and they were rarely used.