Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Wall Street Journal - WSJ - Next Phase of Energy, Climate Debate Will Be About How Much We Drive

Interesting article from a very conservative newspaper.

There is one paragraph in the article that warms the cackles of my heart.

"Deron Lovaas, a transportation researcher with the Natural Resources Defense Council, predicts that the debate over how to curb driving will come to the fore next year, when Congress is scheduled to debate a massive bill to fund transportation projects using federal gasoline tax revenue. The NRDC and other environmental groups, fresh from their victory in the fuel-efficiency debate, are turning their attention to issues such as reforming land use rules to promote denser development and concentrating more public spending on better mass transit systems for metro areas, he says."

Good to hear that the big environmental groups are beginning to focus on transportation. Let's hope it will be enough to resist the push from the "bikes and pedestrians" are pork highway interests.