Saturday, February 16, 2008

A vision for the Manayunk Gateway Trails

The Manayunk, Roxborough and East Falls Development Corporations are exploring ways to fill in the missing link in the Schuylkill River Trail.

The Schuylkill Project, a partnership between East Falls and Manayunk is leading design and engineering consultants in improving the trail and road connections. To see the PowerPoint presentation, click here.

You probably recognize the intersection of Main St and Ridge Avenue in the sketch below in front of Duron Paint. The sidewalk and front parking area would be modified to allow for the inclusion of a trail.

More importantly the issue of crossing over Wissahickon Creeek would also be addressed, there are two options:
  • Cantelever a pathway on the south side of the Ridge Ave over the Wissahickon Bridge
  • Build a new pedestrian bridge over the creek, there are abutments 100 feet south of Ridge Avenue which would save costs.


Anonymous said...

Be careful of two-way bike paths next to roads and highways. I know I've freaked out drivers while using my HID headlight at night while riding on the sidewalk bikepath that is part of the Schuylkill River Trail at the end of Kelly Drive. On those highway ramps from Ridge Ave to Kelly Dr if your riding west, a bright headlight can appear to be a motorcycle or car coming the wrong way (That whole spaghetti bowl should be tuned down and down engineered anyway).

Anonymous said...

I think a two-way trail along Main St. in Manayunk would be no different than a two-way trail along Kelly Drive. Whatever works. Speaking of Kelly Drive, it wouldn't hurt to rip out that old concrete on the sidewalk and replace it with either fresh concrete or asphalt.

What I'm wondering is, what about the abandoned rail line from Port Royal Avenue into Manayunk? Any plans of paving that? If they could do that, those with road or hybrid bikes wouldn't have to grunt up the hills on Shawmont Ave. and Umbria St.