Thursday, February 14, 2008

Mayor Nutter Includes Bicycle Pedestrian Coordinator in 5 Year Plan

From page 82 of the Five-Year Financial and Strategic Plan
for Fiscal Years 2009-2013

Implement creative pedestrian and bicycle policies:

Walking and bicycling are ideal forms of urban transport. Encouraging Philadelphians to make more trips by bicycle and on foot would provide relief from traffic congestion, contribute to improved public health, lower household transportation costs, create intermodal opportunities to extend the reach of public transportation, clean the air and improve the natural environment by reducing automobile emissions. By leveraging federal funds, the Administration will create a Bicycle and Pedestrian Coordinator position to ensure that the interests of pedestrians and bicyclists in Philadelphia are adequately addressed and to coordinate the development and funding of projects related to non-motorized modes of transportation. The Bicycle and Pedestrian Coordinator will report directly to the Deputy Mayor for Transportation and Public Utilities and will work with other City departments involved with transportation, urban planning, sustainability and public health.
If you follow this blog this is our number one ask, you can't expect a profit when no one is minding the store. Bravo Your Honor.