Friday, January 25, 2008

"What On Earth Are They Waiting For?"

What is wrong with Television Reporters???????

A national campaign has been launched to coerce the media to address climate change.

Of the 2,900+ questions asked of the presidential candidates by the top five TV political reporters to date, only four mentioned climate change. Only one more than the number of questions asked about UFOs.

PennEnvironment is asking you to join hundreds of thousands of others in asking America's leading reporters, "What on earth are they waiting for?" Help us stop the absurdity of the media ignoring the greatest environmental and economic challenge of our generation. Please take a minute to check out this video that highlights some of the more absurd questions these reporters felt compelled to ask while ignoring global warming and critical clean energy solutions.

Then sign a petition urging these reporters to get serious about addressing climate change.

Watch a video to learn more and take action: