Saturday, January 05, 2008

Bicycle and Pedestrian Federal Funding Statistics

The latest (FY 2007) figures have been posted for expenditure of Federal-aid funds on bike/ped projects.

After two years of slight declines (2005-2006), the numbers shot up in 2007 from $395 million to $564 million with sizable increases in TE, CMAQ, and STP funding going to bike/ped projects.Also of note, the first appearance of obligations for Safe Routes to School and Nonmotorized pilot project funding.

In 2007 New Jersey spent 7.4 Million (85 cents per capita) and Pennsylvania spent 19.9 Million ($1.60 per capita)

But there is an alarming negative: only $900,000 or about 0.16% of the Highway Safety Improvement Program funds went to bike/ped projects in 2007. Thats about $163 per bicyclist or pedestrian killed (based on 2006 highway fatality statistics) or half the price of an average home in Gladwyne.

0.16% of the Nation's highway safety money for a group of victims that represented 13% of the fatalities. Justice?