Sunday, December 30, 2007

Victory In Exeter Township (Berks County)

From Michele Barrett a resident of fast growing Exeter Township and Founder of WalkBikeBerks:

Last night the Exeter Supervisors voted to approve the creation of a Pedestrian and Bicycle (Non-Motorized) Task Force.

WalkBikeBerks presented a Complete Streets and Safe Routes to School Slide Show and requested that the township coordinate with WalkBikeBerks to organize the task force to address pedestrian and bicycling issues in their community.

Soon...we'll be able to walk and bike safely and conveniently throughout our home towns.

Congratulations to all who made this possible!

Invite your own township or borough to adopt a similar task force if you don't yet have one. WalkBikeBerks will be happy to join in that goal. We'll work together to create livable communities.

Happy New Year.

WalkBikeBerks works for better walking and bicycling in Berks County - Check Out their Blog -