Monday, November 12, 2007

Skippack Trail Connects the Perkiomen Trail with Evansburg State Park

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The Skippack Trail is now open (I didn't even know that there was a Skippack Trail project). It's paved and it connects the Perkiomen Trail with Evansburg State Park (following a utility cut) with a spur to Skippack Village. The Perkiomen Trail connection is at the bridge just south of Graterford Road. There is also a webpage with photos of the path network on the Township website. Thanks Skippack Township.

If there is one sour note it's the fact the the Evansburg State Park Youth Hostel closed in June 2006 because of a lack of funds to bring it up to modern building codes. What a great overnight trip from Philadelphia that would have been. Maybe with the new bike access and exposure Hostelling International might be able to raise the funds to open it up once again.


tjharvey said...

I live in Lansdale and the Skippack Trail allows me an easier connection to the Perkiomen Trail which brings me to the Schuykill River Trail in Oaks. It makes for a nice 50+ mile ride w/o the traffic of 73/113/29

T.H. from Limerick said...

This trail is an asset to Skippack Township. Hopefully neighboring townships and boroughs can follow suit and do something similar. I used to dread climbing the hill on 113 at the old Gypsy Rose (you try that). I would much rather make the climb on the trail.

I have yet to try the Evansburg State Park spur. But the signage is good; I've never had a problem finding where I want to go. The surface isn't quite as smooth as the Perkiomen Trail (where it's paved), but a paved trail beats a cinder or gravel trail any day.

The only thing that could be better is if they (or I) could find a way to go through Palmer Park without having to go "around the horn." If it's a quarter mile from Point A to Point B, you have to travel almost half a mile to get there.