Saturday, November 03, 2007

Bike the Vote!

Novermber 6 Elections are coming up. Now is our chance to ask YOUR candidates if they support implementing bicycling improvements, safe routes to school and complete streets.

The way I look for a candidates position is
  1. Use the voter guides listed below
  2. Link of Google to find the candidates website-search for issue papers
  3. If you cannot find your answer there then look for contact information, it's best to call at this late date.
In NJ there are General Assembly, County and Local Elections
In PA there are County and Local Elections
Philadelphia has the Mayor and City Council Elections

You can get a rough idea about local candidates in the Philadelphia Inquirer Voter Guide which usually includes an answer to a generic question presented to the candidates (usually taxes or open space).

Committee of Seventy offers a very comprehensive voter guide for the city of Philadelphia.
The committee is also looking for bicycling volunteers on election day
Please contact Jonathan David ( or at (215) 557-3600 ext.110

The Next Mayor Website provides extensive coverage of the Mayoral and City Council Races.

League of Women Voters:
Pennsylvania Local Guide
NJ Local Guide
Project Vote Smart

Mayoral Candidate Website

And remember to make your own statement by bicycling to the Polls.