Sunday, October 14, 2007

Struble Trail Reaches A New Low in Its Dubious History

The 3 mile Struble Trail once touted by trail sponsors and Chester County Officials to extend 15 miles reached perhaps it's lowest moment on October 4th when an ambulance crew's efforts to reach a bicycle crash victim on the trail were hindered because the former northern entrance on Dorlan's Mill Road was blocked by a wire fence put up buy a landowner and fallen trees on the trail. Causing a 10 minute delay in response time.

Ironically one week earlier trail supporters held a big rally protesting the developers action and the government response.

The Struble Trail was originally planned to follow an abandoned RR grade from Downingtown to the Borough of Honey Brook, the 3 mile section was built in the 1990's and originally stretched to Dorlans Mill Road, which was a short uphill climb to a back entrance to Marsh Creek State Park.

In 2005 a developer bought the old mill property on Dorlans Mill Road and cut off public access there.

The old railroad grade north of Dorlan's Mill is virtually undetectable and has been reclaimed by adjacent landowners. With Chester County's priorities eyed toward the Schuylkill River and Chester Valley Trails there is little hope this trail will be extended to Honey Brook...

...that is until the political will is there to finish the trail.

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