Saturday, October 06, 2007

NYC's 9th Avenue Cycle Track is Open

New Yorks first "Cycle Track" or physically separated bike lane is in place. It's on 9th Ave between 16th and 23rd St two blocks east of Chelsea Piers and the Hudson River Greenway.

Right now the lane has been demarcated by paint and temporary bollards, eventually there’ll be green pedestrian refuges, exclusive light signals for cyclists, signage, and stencils.

Kudos to the NYC DOT, finally an East Coast city has gotten the b^&*# to do something bold for cycling, even Portlander's are envious.

Now here in Philadelphia, where do you think a similar facility could go? Leave some suggestions in the comments sections.

We don't have too many superwide streets in the cities core (which is what makes bicycling slightly easier here than in NYC), my first choice would be JFK Blvd from Penn Center to the JFK bridge where a 21 foot pedestrian walk is under construction.

Lastly the vehicular cycling debaters now have a piece of real estate to debate about. It's important for advocates to make sure that the lane is swept and free of commercial vehicles who will be tempted to squeeze in (although the pedestrian islands will narrow the available space to do this.. has put out another professional quality video that shows off the new bike lane:


Anonymous said...

Areas where this would be good, nay essential. Spring Garden street, the entire way...
Baltimore Ave in West philly, people are constantly swiping into the bike lane because of trolley tracks. Let them swipe into cars instead ;-)
As far as wishful thinking - Chestnut and Walnut. As far west as possible, all the way into cc..