Monday, October 29, 2007

Meeting Minutes Philadelphia Cycling Committee
October 16th, 2007

BCGP Staff Report
Bike Philly Review

John reported that over 2400 riders rode Bike Philly which yielded more the $20,000 for the Bicycle Coalition. The ride went very well and 97% of the riders who responded to a survey said that they would ride again next year. John heard some feedback that day of registration was priced a little too high although this allowed same day Registrants to simply walk up without waiting in a cue..

There were some minor glitches that occurred such as an occasional car along the route, very few people also seemed to notice the repair stations set up along the route. Russell reported that some cyclists missed the East Fairmount Park loop.

Implementation of the City Bicycle Plan.

The City has been awarded TCDI planning funds from DVRPC to create a bicycle and pedestrian plan for selected neighborhoods such as South Philly, North Philly, Center City and the Northwest Neighborhoods.

The BCGP was subsequently awarded 80K from the William Penn Foundation to advocate the implementation of the Bicycle Plan, some of that money will be used to pay for a consultant to do the advocacy work required to implement the plan.

Bicycling Ambassadors Program – The City of Philadelphia has put the program out for bid, the Bicycle Coalition is in the process of submitting a proposal to partner with the University City District to run the program. It is hoped that the program can be launched in Early 2008 with Bicycling Ambassadors working on the street by the summer.

Bike Sharing Update – Russell M.

An Urban Sustainability Forum on bike sharing will be held a the Academy of Natural Sciences on January 17, 2008.

There will be a representative from Lyon France attending the event, A demo bike from Lyon will also be on display at the forum. There will be two info symposiums, a day session aimed at local decision makers and a night symposium open to the general public.

Russell stressed that the goal of the campaign was to implement a citywide program.

The street furniture RFP is awaiting review by City Council, the future of the RFP is uncertain. The Bicycle Coalition crafted a white paper opposing the RFP as it is rigid and offers little opportunity for an amendment to include bike racks and Bike Sharing.

South Street Bridge

The Bicycle Coalition followed up with a letter to Streets Department Bridge Chief John Lutz restating our current position on the design of the bridge.

Sidewalk and Path Safety information projects

BCGP Board and staff are working to develop a Path Safety brochure for the River Drive Paths in Fairmount Park. Sarah has contacted the Bicycle Transportation Alliance to develop a sample brochure. Update this has been postponed until January when money from the Bicycle Ambassador’s program will be available to fund it.

Some ideas were floating around for a street and sidewalk safety brochure, preferably post cards sized. One suggestion was to create adhesive stickers to be placed on bike racks to encourage people to get off the sidewalk and to remind people that it is illegal for cyclists to ride on the sidewalk.

Airport Bicycle Parking

The Committee will be kicking off a Bicycle Airport Parking campaign in conjunction with the Delaware County Committee to get bicycle parking installed at the airport.
The Philadelphia Parking Authority has indicated that they will confiscate bicycles parked at the Airport.

The Bicycle Coalition Staff will draft a letter to Airport Director Charles Isdell asking for clarification and requesting that reasonable bicycle parking be provided. and will ask the Bicycle and Pedestrian Task Force investigate this rule.

Jeff A. noted that couriers go to the airport all the time without any reported problems..
Jill M. suggested that a compromise would allow bicycle parking at the Employee Parking lot on Bartram Avenue which would requires bicyclists to shuttle to the Airport terminal.

(Follow up - The Philadelphia Planning department has reported that airport officials have asked for bike rack specifications)

Wish List
A wish list was discussed for improvements in the city and the state, attendees were requested to send them to the Philadelphia Committee Email List where they will be compiled by John Boyle.

Next Meeting
Tuesday November 20th 6:30 PM – Skyline Room (4th Floor) Free Library of Philadelphia