Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Cresheim Trail Public Meeting

There will be 2 public meetings to gather input for the feasibility study for the Cresheim Trail, a multi-use trail which will connect Ft. Washington State Park with Forbidden Drive near Valley Green Inn via Flourtown, Laverock, Chestnut Hill and Mt Airy.

Two Meeting will Be Held:

(1) Glenside Hall, Waverly and Keswick Ave, Glenside on Monday Sept 24 from 6-8 pm


(2) Springfield Township High School, 1801 Paper Mill Rd, Erdenheim on Wednesday Sept 26 from 6-8 m

There has been vocal opposition to this propsed trail in the past and it is important that supporters who live in Springfield Township and in Cheltenham Township come out and show their support