Friday, September 14, 2007

Bike Philly By the Numbers and Testimonials

Bike Philly By the Numbers:

  • 2,410 registrants (2,125 pre-registered)
  • 235 volunteers, including 125 marshals
  • 150 police officers closing streets

95% of riders rated their overall satisfaction as excellent (49.7%) or very good (45.1%)

[Compared to Freedom Valley 2007: 76% (excellent (26.4%) or very good (49.4%))

Freedom Valley 2006: 79% (excellent (51.2%) or very good (27.9%))]

97% of riders plan to do the ride again next year (WOW!)

[Compared to Freedom Valley 2007: 88%
Freedom Valley 2006: 92%]

9% of riders were 12 and under and 15% of our riders were riding as a family

46% of riders were women (compared to Freedom Valley 34%)

21% of riders had never ridden an organized bike ride before

Riders came from 16 states, including Florida, California, Ohio and Alabama

  • 33% of riders came from out of state
  • 10% of riders came from out of the tri-state area
  • 75% of riders came from outside the city

Rider Comments:

I just wanted to say congratulations for such an amazing event yesterday. My friend and I took our children (ages 7-11) and everyone had a wonderful time. The route was great and truly a family friendly event. I was extremely impressed with how well run everything was. We are already looking forward to riding it next year and I have already shared it with several friends. Thanks for all the work that went into the day!

Cindy M., Limerick PA

Though I originally felt kind of neutral (and a little ungenerous) about children being part of the ride now I wouldn't have it any other way. The two groups were separated very nicely and it was so neat to see some of the kids jumping up and down in anticipation of the start of the ride. My view has now been changed… [I]t was neat to see a little boy riding next to his father on MLK drive just jabbering away and his dad smiling and listening. Who wouldn't call that bonding? All the families I saw seemed so relaxed and happy.

Lori M., Philadelphia

In all the times I have traveled to Philadelphia, I have never imagined the possibility of riding along the city’s main thoroughfares upon a bicycle surrounded only by other cyclists… [I]t is difficult to picture a metropolis without the congestion, noise, and odor of masses of motor vehicles… Even though I live four hours from the city center,…there was simply no way I could pass up the opportunity to bicycle through such an historic city in such an unencumbered manner….

It truly felt as though the entire the entire city of Philadelphia was working to speed us safely along our route. You couldn’t ask for better support during an event of this size and nature. …I look forward to attending again next year!

Travis P., Pleasant Gap PA

The best part of the ride was the ability to bring my wife on a scenic traffic-free ride. This was the first time I road with my 9 month old daughter and we could not have asked for a better experience. having the different starting areas was a big plus also. Thanks again.

Tim E., Havertown PA

I had family in from out of town for the ride and it was a great way to show Philadelphia.

Allison S., Wayne PA

The best part of the ride was car-free riding in center city. I live in center city and ride a bicycle to work almost everyday. The chance to ride the entire length of the city without worrying about red lights and aggressive drivers was exceptional! Also, it was inspiring to see the police and city services come together for this good cause.

Carolyn B., Philadelphia

Volunteers were just amazing. They were all extremely helpful and they did a fantastic job.

Edelin N., Bethlehem PA

I don't normally ride organized rides with my daughter. I liked the fact that there was a speed limit for the first 10 miles of the ride for families. It was a great first experience for my 12 year old to get a taste of what I do when I go out on these rides.

Kirsten W., Mt Laurel NJ

I liked the ride through the streets of Philadelphia and the routing of the 35 mile ride through Merion and Narberth. The PATCO line had extra cars so there was plenty of room for all the cyclists and their bikes.

John B., Haddonfield NJ

This was my first organized ride. I liked the atmosphere and the idea of the ride.

Jim M., Pottstown PA

I enjoyed biking through the city without traffic. It was a lot of fun and MUCH different than what I am used to. I also enjoyed Fairmount Park, it was a good "intro" for me and I will definitely explore it on my own now.

Amanda W., Philadelphia

I liked that it was close to home and I was familiar with some of the sites along the route. It also allowed me to see some areas of Philadelphia that I have not seen before. I liked the fact that volunteers were there to warn of any obstacles in the road.

Carol S., Sewell NJ

I am from New Jersey and have never been to Philly, I am planning to come back with my family to visit and see all the sights.

Albert H., Summit NJ

I liked riding through Philly without fear of cars!!! Scenic ride, very relaxed. I was riding with a novice and she was able to do the 20 mile ride- a good experience for both of us.

Pamela B., Wayne PA

Having never been to Philly before, it was all new and interesting---the food was excellent, hills weren't too bad.

Christie H., Avon CT

I rode with a friend doing her first organized bike ride, and we seeded ourselves near the back of the slow group, and we just had a blast! Volunteers/course marshals were great, warning us of road hazards like RR tracks, making the course and crowd manageable.

Barbara M., Wayne PA

I grew up in Philly and I loved the opportunity to come back and ride car free throughout the city proper.

Marie T., East Stroudsburg, PA


I liked being with thousands of people who love to ride bicycles. This experience makes Philadelphia feel (just for a morning) like the Netherlands where bicycling is the norm - as it should be everywhere. Bicycling is the most advanced form of movement on the planet.

David S., Philadelphia

I was able to bring a first time rider and have her experience a well supported ride. The 20 mile route was challenging, yet not too hard for her. The fact the streets were closed helped her confidence level a lot.

Dan G., Newtown, PA

Philadelphia people are so friendly, I enjoyed the characters in the ride: a man pulling a dog in a wagon, dads riding tandem with their child on the back of the bike, the fella with the boom box trailing behind, the bike repair stops. I especially thought it was beautiful having the children passing at refreshments at one of the stops, they were so sweet. The Commerce bank photos at the end were nice, I love going through Fairmount Park, I never knew where the mansions were.

Marcia C., Newtown PA


Being with lots of other cyclists of all levels was great. The Bike Philly volunteers and the Philadelphia Police were both very helpful and friendly. Clearly a lot of people worked long and hard to make the event happen. The ride itself worked very well, and was a great way to see Philadelphia!

Nancy F., Wayne PA


The experience of riding with so many other cyclists through Old City was pretty amazing. It was a great opportunity to feel the community of bikers coming together and making a statement about cycling here in Philadelphia.

Ruth S., Bryn Mawr, PA


My husband and I rode our tandem, and I ABSOLUTELY LOVED riding through this beautiful city without having to worry about traffic!! Great comradery, great route, great day!! Thanks so much for providing this wonderful opportunity!

Monica, Audubon PA


Extremely well organized and thought out. Signage was great and all marshals, volunteers and city staff (Police) could not have been nicer or more helpful. Each and every one of them served as ambassadors for our city and represented Philadelphia in the most professional and courteous way.

Bruce, Lafayette Hill PA

There was also a great deal of support throughout the ride which was greatly appreciated. I had a major bike mishap at mile 10 and one of the bike techs was able to fix it quickly. Had it not been for the support, I'd have been in a lot of trouble!!!

Adria D., Philadelphia