Saturday, July 07, 2007

Tour De England?

Today, 7-7-07 marks the start of the Tour De France. This year the first two stages start in London. While the end point never changes (Champs-Élysées in Paris) the Prologue starts in different locations.

Most Americans know very little about the event. The teams, the stars, the tactics and the convoluted scoring of a multi-day tour.

Fortunately the internet can set you straight;
You should be then be ready to go on to the English version of the Tour De France website
where you can explore ins and outs of this year's tour. The website is a bit confusing but I found the riders list to be an useful page to visit.

To view the Tour on TV you need to be subscribed to Versus which for most cable and satellite companies is on the high end of the package list. Why can't we pick and choose our channels? If you find a website on the internet with a live feed please a leave a comment with the link, meanwhile this site offers some links to some foreign feeds.