Friday, July 06, 2007

SPARK of Controversy

SPARK an online magazine aimed at young adult Delawareans ignited the local bicycling community with a scathing lash at bicyclists.

An article written by Kelly Housen "Road Rules thou shalt livith by"
listed 10 "commandments" for how to behave on the road was intended to be a tongue in cheek response to the Vatican's driving directive.

Then I read her fourth "commandment" of the road:

'. . .Thou shalt keep thy bicycle on neighborhood streets, bike paths or bike lanes. "Share the road" is bull. Roads are for cars. This isn't France, we're not running the Tour de France and you aren't Lance Armstrong. When you're in my traffic lane I have to go around you, and when I'm going around you, my brain comes up with all kinds of bad scenarios in which you suddenly fall off your bike and fall onto or under my car. That stresses me out, and I don't like it. That wouldn't happen if you were on a bike path. . .'

Although that is the line that has set off a tsunami of angry emails there are some other comments that are equally disturbing such as her first Commandment "Thou shalt not goeth under the speed limit" I wonder if Ms. Housen understands the definition of "limit". Speed Kills and this is obviously advice from someone who has a very myopic view of traffic convenience (as opposed to traffic safety).

How about this suggestion of a rewrite of her fourth commandment
"Thou shalt drive with due care to protect the safety of all road users. Especially our most vulnerable users; bicyclists, pedestrians, children, the elderly and disabled."

Maybe Ms. Housen can pull over to the side of the road and text message that to her friends.