Sunday, July 29, 2007

Bike to Transit and Save 50%!

Photo by Tracey O Under a Creative Commons License

Well we would like announce this as a special deal, but the reality is that effective August 1 SEPTA will be eliminating transfers. So instead of taking two buses some bike savvy SEPTA riders will be pedaling for part their trip or maybe even ditching SEPTA for everyday transportation.

SEPTA transit riders without passes will face a 55% increase in fares. For example a one way fare (token+transfer) from the Northeast Philadelphia is currently $1.90 and that will increase to $2.60 a second transfer boosts the tab to $3.90 and up to $6 if you don't have a token.

Daypasses are also going away it will be replaced by a eight ride convenience and it will no longer be good on regional rail.

Perhaps this will spur more bike on transit activity, we'll be monitoring the bike racks at Frankford Terminal this week to see if that happens.

SEPTA Bike Policies

Update - A Court Order has put an injunction on the elimination of transfers through Sunday, a decision by the court is due by the end of the week.


Anonymous said...

talk about adding insult to injury, you're not allowed to bring your bike on the trolley!