Sunday, July 01, 2007

And that other Tour De France Winner was also nearby

Lancaster County native Floyd Landis led 70-80 cyclists on a non-competitive ride in northern Montgomery County on Friday to promote the opening of a new Landis Market and the Univest Grand Prix pro race in September.

But enough of the shaved leg celebrity gossip for now.

How about some other B-C-D list celebrity cyclists

David Byrne- The former lead singer for the Talking Heads has been a bicycle advocate in New York City for 30 Years.
Ed Begley Jr. - Electric car guy also likes bicycle, he briefly was the trails coordinator for LA County, appeared at bike to work day this year in Los Angeles.
The Ditty Bops - In 2006 this Folksy female duo toured cross country via bicycle
David Lee Roth -According to the Howard Stern show the Ex Van Halen lead singer requested a bike rack so he could commute to his DJ Job at K-Rock in NY
Matthew Broderick - Ferris Buehler has had at least 11 bikes stolen in NYC
Conan O'Brien - His late night show intro shows him riding a bike all over Manhattan and has occasionally mentioned it on his show.
Robin Williams - Serious Cyclist probably shaves his legs Nanu-Nanu
Robin Mattson - There are not too many female Soap Divas who bicycle commute but she apparently did during her stint with "All My Children"
Val Kilmer - Per a 2005 Post about bicycling in London - "It's so easy to get round this town on a bike, but the traffic can be really hectic, and your bus drivers are definitely on crack."
Ben Stiller - Also in 2005 was reportedly bike jacked in NY while commuting to a play he was starring in.
Tom Hanks - Apparently is a big fan of the Trek Lime

Cecily Tynan - Triathlete - Was the winner of the NY-Philly Liberty to Liberty Triathlon in 2003
Jerry Blavat? - Yep the Geator's photo is in last month's Philadelphia Magazine, pannier rack and all in Center City.
Mayor John Street - Hizzoner loves to ride his bicycle, and bicycling is included in Philadelphia's Action Plan for Climate Change
Lisa Nutter - Mike Nutter doesn't ride a bicycle but his wife does. Lisa is a member of the Sturdy Girl Bicycle Club.
Jennifer Weiner - She has been known to ride with the Bicycle Club of Philadelphia

And Finally our Real Bicycling Heroes in Congress

MN Congressman James Oberstar
OR Congressman Earl Blumenaur Jr.
And our own PA Congresswoman Allyson Schwartz