Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Cobbs Creek Bikeway Video

Here is a well done video tour of the Cobbs Creeks Bikeway

One interesting aspect of the video is that a motorcyclist passes on this highly underused trail. Is this a chicken and the egg problem here? Does the presence of ATV's discourage trail use or would the ranks of motorized users decline if there were a sufficient number of walkers and bicyclists.


Anonymous said...

Speaking a woman riding alone, the video says it all. It's not safe for me.

Unknown said...

I'm curious what you saw in the video that makes you think it wouldn't be safe to ride alone? There is one stretch between Baltimore Ave. at 61st and Cobbs Creek Parkway (where it goes under the railroad trestle) that is out of the view of roads and houses. Is that what you mean?

As to the ATV question, I put the clip of the scooter in there because every time I ride out there, I do see motor vehicles on the path. They do seem to be very respectful of walkers and cyclists, however. There are these collapsible bollards that would prevent some of this usage if they were ever extended properly, but as it is, I can't explain why the path gets so little use.

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thepictures said...

This path looks great. I am biking down it tomorrow morning!