Saturday, March 10, 2007

Santa Cruz Co. (CA) Offers Folding Bike Rebates

Bikes on Buses has been an overwhelming success for Santa Cruz Metro, in fact usage of the bike on bus racks is at capacity and the competition for bike racks has made bike on bus commuting less than reliable. So to increase intermodal commuting the Santa Cruz Area TMA is offering a Folding Bikes in Buses Incentive Program.

County residents are eligible for up to a $250 rebate from the purchase of a folding bike. To qualify participants must take a two hour bike safety course at select bike shops. They can also purchase a deeply discounted monthly bus passes for the first two months. The bikes are also warranteed for parts and service for 1 year.

Compared to other programs that encourage people to bicycle this one is cheap, the program is being funded with a $67,000 grant from the Monterey Bay Air Pollution Control District.


Katie VanVliet said...

I first saw this system in action 4 years ago, the first time I was in Santa Cruz, and was enamored with how well it worked.
There is a huge difference between Santa Cruz and Philly in the types of streets and the proximity of residential and commercial areas of town, though, that make this combination of transportation necessary. There are some narrow, winding mountain roads between home and town that would be quite a nightmare on a folding bicycle.