Friday, February 09, 2007

City Council Proposes Banning Pedicabs!

A proposed ordinance being considered by City Council will effectively ban pedicabs in Philadelphia, as a matter of fact any bicycle that carries more than two people would be affected by this bill.

Pedicabs, if properly regulated can be a convenient pollution free service for areas with high pedestrian traffic such as the historic district or along the BF Parkway. Many cities including New York City, Charleston SC, and Phoenix have pedicabs but entrepreneurs that have tried to replicate the service in Philadelphia have encountered resistance from the city, taxi services and the police.

Philadelphia Pedicab Link

Beyond that the ordinance would essentially ban 2 child bicycle trailers. So if this bill is not only anti-pedicab it will essentially put the clamps anybody who bicycles with children or even those who use such a trailer for hauling cargo.

BAD BILL!!! Contact your council representatives through

Note: There will a hearing at 10AM on Wednesday after which committee will vote on the action.
Bill No. 06089700
Introduced November 30, 2006

Councilmember DiCicco

Referred to the
Committee on Streets and Services


Amending Title 12 of The Philadelphia Code, entitled "Traffic Code," by adding certain
definitions and by amending Section 12-800, entitled "Bicycle Regulations and
Penalties," prohibiting pedalcycles that seat more than two passengers from roadways, all
under certain terms and conditions.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for these updates! I just found this blog... keep us updated, I will do whatever I can to support pedicabs/bike taxis in the city. -Ben, Chariots of Philly owner

Anonymous said...

what happened with this bill? Are there any pedicab regulations now in effect?

John Boyle said...

Thanks for Asking, I just did a status check for bill#060897 on and the status lists it as still in committee.

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