Friday, January 19, 2007

New Jersey - You Can't Get There Anyway

Well the snow completely melted by noon but the Ben Franklin Bridge is still closed. If you were able cross into NJ you would find its citizens are asking questions about recent events.

1 - New Jersey has a Statute of Limitations for convictions? - A 96 Year Old man has refused to serve jail time after being convicted of hitting a 24 Year Old Deaf and Mute pedestrian twice.

2 - New Jersey is different? - Monmouth County engineer Inkyung Englehart shrugs her shoulders at progressive traffic calming solutions proposed for Red Bank Borough. Quoted in the Red Bank Hub - "Maybe it could work in other states, but not New Jersey. " Apparently Princeton which may be the traffic calming capital of the Northeast is not in New Jersey.

3 - New Jersey is tackling Bicycle Safety? - A bill is moving through the NJ State Assembly that will ban cell phone usage while driving a bicycle, fines would range from $100 - $250.


John Boyle said...

The bicycle cellphone bill has been removed.