Thursday, January 11, 2007

Gray's Ferry Bridge

I don't know if you've noticed but the bike lanes on the Gray's Ferry Bridge are always covered in trash and glass. In addition all of the drainage inlet grates are totally blocked with trash and crud. When it rains there are little ponds at each inlet that don't dry up for 2 days or more.

I've been trying to get this fixed since spring of 2006. Since the Gray's FerryBridge is state property I started with PennDOT, who told me it was the problem of the Philly Streets Dept., who told me it was the problem of the Philly water dept., who told me it was PennDOT's problem. As you can see we have come full circle.

Since then I have talked to Anna Verna's office twice, once in early December and again this week. They have determined that it is the water department's problem. If you see and improvement let us know.