Monday, October 02, 2006

Where Have All the Bike Lanes Gone?

Where Have All the Bike Lanes Gone?

A couple of key points have been severed by the Streets Department and/or PENNDOT. Its interesting that the powers that be negatively impacted bicycle access at places at pinch points. What's next is the Walnut Street Bridge going back to four lanes?

1 - Walnut Lane Bridge between Mt. Airy and Roxborough (not to be confused with Walnut St), bike lanes have been replaced by a center turn lane zone. This is the only on-street connection between the two communities.

2 - Bartram Ave between Essington Ave and Island Road. This is Bicycle PA Route E and the temporary on-road alternate to the East Coast Greenway. This is disturbing because it was the Street Dept. who wanted Route E to stay on the bicycle network and now they pave over
the network.

While the Bicycle Coalition will be addressing the problems with the city, you the ordinary bicycling citizen can vent your frustrations by contacting the Streets Department.