Monday, October 30, 2006

Thunderhead Training Focuses on Winning Campaigns

Thunderhead Training Focuses on Winning Campaigns

On October 20 - 22 the Thunderhead Alliance held a training seminar to create and win campaigns (e.g. clear and free bike lanes throughout the city). 10 Bicycle Coalition leaders attended from throughout the region.

One of the most significant campaigns is the creation of a statewide bicycle and pedestrian advocacy group for New Jersey.

Winning campaigns take planning using the seven essential elements:
  • Issue Focus - Define the issue
  • Campaign Goals - What are the social changes that you hope to achieve?
  • Assess Your Resources - SWOT analysis, allies and opponents
  • Strategy - Power Mapping targets and audiences (e.g. 6 degrees of Keving Bacon)
  • Communications - Media outreach, stair speech, slogan
  • Tactics and Timelines - effective and appropriate tactics
  • Resource Management - budgeting the true cost of the campaign, volunteers