Tuesday, September 12, 2006


Lancaster County Bicycle Advisory Committee Votes Down Bike Lanes

Another Interesting article in the Lancaster New Era about bike lanes being proposed and consistently voted down by the county Bicycle Advisory Committee.

“The bike club said they are against it, but there are many cities where bike lanes have been done. Why should Lancaster be any different?” asked Katzenmoyer, who has accepted a position at Franklin & Marshall College and is soon leaving her City Hall post.

Bike lanes are successful in many cities, such as Seattle, she said, but they can also be done poorly. Ahlskog cited the death of a bicyclist in Cambridge, Mass., a few years ago. The rider was caught between a suddenly opened door from a parked car and a passing bus.

So is the Lancaster Bicycle Advisory Committee really looking out for the interests of all bicyclists in Lancaster County by waiting for the perfect bike lane? Or does the committee's record of opposing bike lanes reflect the idealogical doctrine of John Forester?

Bottom line, if you live in Lancaster County and support bike lanes then speak up and take a stand.