Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Wildwood Bicycle Google Map

Wildwood Bicycle Google Map

Click here to see a new map showing bike lanes, paths and bike parking in the Wildwoods.

Despite the european levels of bicycle traffic .the cities of North Wildwood, Wildwood and Wildwood Crest have done little to accommodate bicycles.

  • Only about 1 mile of bicycle lanes and a few bike parking locations at parks are about all that has been invested in bike infrastructure.
  • There is no bicycle education of seasonal employees and most bike rental locations do not require helmets (despite state law that requires them for children under 17).
  • More effort has been put in eradicating bikes than accommodating them, signs on the boardwalk say "No Bikes chained to the railing" and most hotel/condo buildings do not allow bicycles.

What the cities need to do is develop a joint bicycle pedestrian circulation plan. Streets are ultra wides and therefore bike lanes can be placed on most major streets. High Quality bike parking can and should be installed at the boardwalk/beach access points as well as major commercial strips and shopping centers and a bike education campaign is sorely needed to improve bicycle safety.