Friday, June 09, 2006

Mainstream Sports Media Ingores Cycling Race

Mainstream Sports Media Ignores Cycling Race

Here's the general rule about US sports coverage of Pro Cycling. "No Lance, No coverage." The co-sponsors of this year's Commerce Bank Triple Crown of Cycling and Liberty Classic are Channel 6 and WMMR. KYW and CN8 may offer a mention to fill a need for stories but don't expect Fox, NBC 10 or Channel 3 sportcasters to pay any mind.

Bob Costas once described bike racing as watching exercise and many other sportscasters have similar sentiments (Gas guzzling, noise deafening, pollution spewing, spectator killing NASCAR however is rarely described as driving around in a circle).

So 300,000-500,000 spectators will line the streets of the event and spend millions of dollars in the city, but if a tree falls in the woods...