Saturday, April 01, 2006

The Invisible Riders


Bicycling Magazine "Gets It" -- Opens Readers' Eyes!

The Bicycle Coalition advocates on behalf of all bicyclists -- whether you ride just for fun, just for transportation, just because that's all you want to do or because that's all you can afford to do. We are trying to build complete streets to serve everyone, but sometimes the mainstream bicycling press seems only to care about bicycling if you ride $1,000+ machines and wear the latest gear.

Bicycling Magazine published an article in the December 2005 issue on those millions of Americans they call "the invisible cyclists," the mostly poor group of people who represent a small portion of bicycle industry profits but in fact represent the largest group of everyday cyclists. The magazine calls on industry to develop sub-$100 commuter bikes, to improve upon the fancy looking but substandard "mountain bikes" available cheaply at big box stores. It also calls on cycle advocates to open their eyes, because, in fact, nobody is an invisible bicyclist.

BCGP encourages you to do your part to reach out to all cyclists. Talk to your fellow cyclists, tell them about BCGP and invite them to join, or give them a gift membership. Our movement is strongest when we see, and include, every cyclist, regardless of race or class.