Sunday, April 30, 2006

Inquirer Loaded with Gas Stories

Inquirer Gas Stories Run On Empty

No less than 2 stories and a column by Andrew Cassel appeared in Sunday's Inquirer. Two are of the articles are the standard filler; you can't get people out of their cars with the Jaws of Life (addicted to cars and SEPTA's flat ridership numbers).

On the other hand Cassel's column hits the nail on the head, Congress seems to think we are stupid and with proposals of gas tax breaks and rebates to people that don't really need. Taking from the tax base will only increase the deficit and deplete available transportation funds which may lead to states being forced to give transportation funding back to the Federal Government (recission), bike and pedestrian funding often gets unfairly cut in this process.

And of course the ANWR proposal always resurfaces as a so called solution, never mind that exploration would require 10 years of test drilling and construction before this pristine wilderness starts producing oil. National Geographic explores the issue in depth on the environmental destruction that is turning the entire North Slope into the Newark Bay Waterfront.

If congress wants to do something constructive right now then they can start by passing the Bicycle Commuter Act simply paying people to get healthier by bicycling to work is a low cost strategy that will help wean us off our dependance on oil producing despots.