Thursday, March 23, 2006

Chicago Envy

Chicago Envy

Chicago's dedication to a complete bicycle infrastructure was in evidence on a recent trip to the city. This success is a result of a long cultivated partnership between the City of Chicago and the Chicagoland Bicycle Federation. This is the type of partnership that we are just beginning to forge in Philadelphia.

Bike the Drive - Similar to Bike New York, the city closes Lake Shore Drive and draws over 20,000 cyclists.

A True Bike Network - While bike lane mileage count when compared to Philadelphia is less (120 miles in Chicago vs 200 miles in Philadelphia), the integrated approach and signage makes the system more effective.

10,000 Bike Racks - Which means bike racks are located in virtually every business district, every park, every beach etc.

Bike Racks inside CTA Transit Stations - The location of these bike racks inside the fare gates provides covered parking and offers greater security.

The Millenium Park Bike Station - Commute to work without carrying a lock, get your bike fixed, take a shower, rent a bike, buy bike accessories, sit on the patio and relax. The bike s station is a combination bike shop, manned bike locker, cafe and health club.

Two elements not yet in Philadelphia,
a sharrow (shared lane marking with chevrons)

complemented with bike route navigational signage.