Monday, October 10, 2005

Route 73 Disappoints

Route 73 Disappoints

Another suburban project goes wanting.

Route 73 Township Line Road on the Abington and Cheltenham Township line is nearly complete or shall I say incomplete (as in an incomplete street).

Lack of sufficient right of way for bicycles and pedestrian facilities, yet plenty of land was taken for a bus pullout. So you can get off the bus but you have nowhere to go.

Excessively wide center turn lanes, on a road with very few commercial driveways this simply does not make any sense. Although there is sufficient room for cars to pass the line striping tracks cars very close to the curb. Even if the turn lanes were justified bicycles could easily have been accommodated with smaller turn lanes and 14' wide travel lanes.

Route 73Bikes on Transit's Route 73 photoset