Sunday, September 11, 2005

Escape By Bicycle

Newspaper reports have documented at least 4 people escaped the floodwaters of New Orleans by bicycling to Baton Rouge.

The Newark Star Ledger and Camden Courier Post reported in seperate articles that Peter Bergeron and and Deptford NJ native Kim Mason bought 2 bicycles on Thursday Sept. 2 for $80 a piece and rode 65 miles to Gonzales LA (outside of Baton Rouge). The Courier Post article noted that it took them two days to reach Baton Rouge. Bergeron's sister Kayla survived the September 11 attack at the World Trade Center by descending 68 floors of the North Tower.

Sean Hickey fled on a bicycle during the mandatory evacuation from New Orleans to Baton Rouge, he made it in one day.

Finally it was noted on the Missouri Bicycle Federation website that Steve Godfrey, president of Higher Flyers handbill distribution service in New Orleans, rode his bike to Baton Rouge to escape Hurricane Katrina.

Pay careful attention to the pictures in the news of the holdouts, the bicycle has become the main form of transportation in New Orleans. Lets hope that the rebuild of the city (and of the damaged bridges) include better accommodation for cyclists.