Monday, August 01, 2005



Finally the long overdue Transportation Bill has finally passed Congress and is waiting for a signature by the President. named SAFETEA-LU LU is an ode to House Transportation Chair Don Young's wife Lu).

Some highlights of the Transportation Bill:
Safe Routes to School - We now have a National Safe Routes to School program, this is probably the most important element for bicycling and walking. 612 Million dollars will probably bring in about 3 million to the Philadelphia Region.

High Priority Projects - Lou Dobbs and Taxpayers for Common Sense railed at the "Pork" in this bill. But bikes and pedestrians did very well and we were able to grab 15% of the projects. 4 million dollars will go toward the Kensington and Tacony Trail.

Roundabouts - These innovative cousins of the traffic circle are now eligible for 100 percent funding.

More detailed information is listed on the LAB website.