Saturday, August 13, 2005

Hit and Run Vehicle Owner Feels the Heat

Hit and Run Vehicle Owner Feels the Heat

From KYW -

Kayla Peter was struck and killed on June 19th by a white Lexus coupe after she exited a SEPTA bus on Ridge Avenue. Police later found the vehicle parked in the driveway of a residence near Henry Avenue.

The owner of the Lexus is popular South Street restaurant owner Susanna Goihman, has not been charged in the incident and she has not responded to requests from police to come in for questioning.

The group, armed with signs saying "Honk for Kayla," has been standing outside of Goihman's every night since July 8th. Over the weekend, the group also stood out front of Azafran, her South Street restaurant.

Hit and Run may not be the perfect crime but if you have something to hide its light sentence and difficulty in prosecution makes it a viable alternative to vehicular homicide.

Followup: As of August 22nd, Susan Goihman has turned herself in to police and now faces a series of charges. Vehicular Homicide is not one of them. In many ways Hit and Run is the perfect crime.