Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Delaware makes major transportation cuts Bicycle, Pedestrian Transit unfairly cut

Delaware makes major transportation cuts. Bicycle, Pedestrian and Transit projects unfairly targeted

New Castle County Transportation Funding Cuts - $90 million
Delaware Department of Transportation had their budget reduced Highway 45%, Bike/Pedestrian 5%, Transit 23%.

In 2004 Bike/Pedestrian was just 1% of the total budget yet it is bearing 5% of all the budget cuts this is not counting transportation enhancements.
Transportation Enhancements – 45% cut, 11million to 6million. It is unclear how much of this money is state vs federal.
New rail cars for improved SEPTA rail service to Newark cut from 6 million to 2 million, reducing expanded service from Philadelphia to Newark.

Delaware residents should contact their state representatives ( State funding (including the required match for federal funds) is determined by the Delaware Bond Bill voted on by Delaware’s General Assembly in June 2005.