Monday, April 25, 2005

Bicycling key to Jersey Shore Marketing

Bicycling key to Jersey Shore Marketing

According to an article in the Philadelphia Inquirer when people think of the Jersey Shore they think of run down boardwalks, the Sopranos and hypodermic needles.

A new initiative to boost the image of the Jersey Shore is now in full swing and will include a 130 mile Sandy Hook to Cape May bike race next year.

Lets hope that the bike race is a start point for marketing and improving bicycling at the shore,

Some ideas for improvements:

  • An bicycle/pedestrian master plan for every shore community
  • Signing the Ocean Drive from Cape May to Atlantic City as a bike route
  • Building and expanding paved pathways along the beaches that will enhance bicycling and improve beach access for the disabled.

A North Carolina’s study of bicycling in the Outer Banks notes that while $6 million were spent on building Bicycle Facilities, bicyclists spend $60 million annually and that 17% of surveyed visitors rode a bicycle while visiting the Outer Banks.