Sunday, February 27, 2005

254 Red Light Light Runners Caught on Day 1

Eleven an hour caught on camera.
Red-light runners nabbed at a brisk pace
By Stephan Salisbury
Inquirer Staff Writer

For years, city officials have weathered complaints about red-light
runners at Grant Avenue and Roosevelt Boulevard. But no one figured -
not in their most traffic-hassled, gas-choked nightmares - just how on
the money those complaints would prove to be.

During the first day of operation, traffic cameras at the intersection
photographed 254 cars running red lights, stunning Philadelphia Parking
Authority officials.

"A lot of violators, a lot of violators," said an amazed Vincent Fenerty
Jr., the authority's first deputy executive director.

"Based on the advertising," Fenerty continued, "people know the cameras
are there. The intersection is marked. If 254 were photographed by the
cameras, how many ran the lights the day before? This is unbelievable.
If you take 254, that's 11 an hour!"

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