Saturday, December 04, 2004

SEPTA Cuts, Good for Bikes?

Well with $3 base fare and 20% service cut it looks like the region's economy will suffer. Let's hope Governor Rendell can do better than our transit killing state legislature.

But how would such a doomsday scenario affect bicycling? Penndot bicycle crash records indicated a sharp rise in crashes during the 40 day 1998 transit strike. This is not an indicator that bicycling was more dangerous rather that more people were bicycling. Its likely that bicycling will rise after the service degradation.

Concurrently SEPTA will likely retire their oldest buses (ones w/o bike racks) bringing the agency from 70% to 95% Bike accessible. BCGP may begin a bike the fare hike type promotion program. Starting with a Bike on Bus Blitz in January, where as many members that we can recruit will load up the bike racks on SEPTA buses at Frankford and/or 69th St.

A bikes on transit campaign could lure the transit dependent to bicycling. "Beat the fare hike by riding in the morning and taking the bus home at night", "Save yourself a transfer by riding your bike to the connecting bus instead", "Stay healthy and on time, Get in shape by commuting to transit"

Lets hope the PA lawmakers come to their senses.