Monday, December 13, 2004

Bicycle Friendly Legislation Moves in NJ

From Tri-State Transportation Campaign's Mobilizing the Region.

In the NJ State Legislature a measure to allow towns greater leeway to install traffic calming devices was signed into law in July (MTR # 469). Other important safety bills moving through the legislature include:

S. 251, is awaiting a vote in the Assembly before it can move to the governor’s desk. It would require the DOT to ban right-on-red turns at the 100 most dangerous intersections. It was passed by the Senate in February, and later by the Assembly Transportation Committee. A floor Assembly floor vote could come early in 2005.

As reported on this blog earlier A.3441 would support those who commuter to work by bike, providing 10 cents per mile in gross income tax deduction now sits in front of the Assembly Transportation Committee.