Thursday, December 16, 2004

At Least The Bike Racks Are Going In

The depot by depot bike rack installation has finally moved to the suburbs, (where the racks are most needed). A spot check at 69th St on Tuesday showed that perhaps 75% of the buses out of Victory Depot that did not have the racks (5200-5300 NABI and 5400 series New Flyer buses) have received bike racks in the last two weeks. Over 1000 SEPTA buses now have bike racks.

Remaining is the Frontier Depot scheduled for retrofit in January and articulated buses housed in the Allegheny and Midvale depots which are receiving bike racks as vehicles are overhauled.
Older buses still in use (Neoplans circa 1989) are not receiving bike racks but are gradually being retired.