Thursday, November 18, 2004

Riverfront trail route meets with opposition from Palmyra and Riverton Residents (Burlington County Times)

A scheduled two-hour public-information session at the Delran Municipal Building on Chester Avenue drew about 30 residents and ran longer than expected because most wanted to air concerns about the planned route of the path. The article notes that much of the opposition came from Palmyra and Riverton residents.

Actually I would be hard pressed to call it a trail, 60% of the route will be on-road and in fact the planners moved 90% of the Riverton segment onto River Road bypassing the scenic riverfront (which is clearly marked on the Regional Bike Map). People were opposing things like signs, pavement markings and even pedestrians.

So NJ Bicyclists and other trail supporters need to get organized and show up at these meetings. This seems to be a very small but vocal group of opponents to the trail, but they are ones that are setting the agenda.