Monday, October 11, 2004

Election Year Fatigue: 24 Hour News Stations Don't Have Time To Cover Many Election Issues

Are you tired of watching CNN, MSNBC and Fox News talk to partison spin doctor's about the same four or five issues? Are you annoyed that the moderators of the debates have failed to ask questions about the environment, health or transportation? Do you cringe when the only time you hear about bicycles is when Bush or Kerry crash?

If so its worth taking a look at the Common Cause website:

So where do they stand?
Ironically CNN does have a good matrix on where Bush, Kerry and Nader stand on the issues.

But what about the decision makers that affect your life?
According to the League of Women Voters Pennsylvanians will be electing the following positions
one US Senator
19 Representatives to the US House
PA Attorney General
PA Auditor General
PA Treasurer
PA Senators in odd-numbered districts and
All of the Representatives to the PA House

Go to Project Vote Smart and type in your 9 Digit Zip Code. This will generate a list of your current elected officials and candidates. Scroll down to select candidates, most of whom have filled out a questionaire on where they stand on the issues.