Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Delaware Bicycle Master Plan

DelDOT has initiated this effort to determine a statewide network of bicycle routes to fulfill their mission to provide infrastructure for bicycle travel as a transportation option. It is DelDOT's goal to designate and maintain these routes for riders seeking both long touring and utilitarian trips. The Delaware Bicycle Plan has designated 24 corridors where bicycle improvements will be . In addition the plan aims to establish policies that give bicycles due consideration in all highway projects.

A parallel pedestrian master plan is in the early stages.

Public comments are being accepted throughout the project. Take a look at the display boards for September 2004 for an overview of the project

My observations on the plan included that a bike access is needed on all transit vehicles and facilities, a bike facilities line item is needed using state gas tax or toll revenues, a complete streets policy, a checklist similar to PennDOT’s should be added to the design manual, as well and an bicycle education module is needed in the state public schools, and most importantly performance measures to benchmark progress and bicycle use.