Monday, August 09, 2004

Riverline Carries 100+ bikes a day

Today I conducted an informal bike count by boarding as RiverLINE many trains as possible between 8:30am and 1:20pm. I was able observe 20 bikes on 14 trains (1.4 bikes per train) at various points between 36th Street Camden and Trenton.

88 daily trips X 1.4 bikes = 123 bikes per day

Other Highlights:
  • Only 3 trains were not carrying bikes, on these trains I rode the train for 5 stops or less.
  • Bike ridership seemed to be higher in the mid-day with the maximum on one train being 4
  • 11 bikes were parked at 7 stations along the line.
  • 2 stations, Palmyra and Burlington Town Center did not have racks for the bikes.
  • 123 bikes equals 2.4% of the total ridership
  • If SEPTA had the same ratio of bikes to passengers, the Regional Rails would carry 2400 bikes a day
  • Fare inspectors asked for my ticket only once all day
  • Passenger sometimes blocked the bike racks, one person used a folded seat for her luggage