Thursday, July 29, 2004

Upper Uwchlan Township Releases Trail Plan: "SON KOTOWSKI , Chester County Daily Local 07/29/2004

UPPER UWCHLAN -- Preliminary cost estimates for a trail network in the township total $6.2 million.

Ray Ott, of Ray Ott & Associates, a planning and landscape architecture firm, said that figure is only a first estimate and is subject to change. He said Tuesday that they are still early in the planning process, and trail committee members need to decide what parts of the trail system are most important.

'We have to start somewhere,' said committee Chairman Ben Lagarde. 'We want to develop the trail system to represent all residents. We?ll work from here to list priorities and come up with a realistic end result.'

The cost estimate draft divides the total cost into four categories: multi-use trails, pedestrian side paths, bicycle lanes on existing roadways and bicycle signed routes. Multi-use trails are the largest expense at $2,677,333. Ott said he still has to figure out estimates for hiking and equestrian trails.

Multi-use trails are planned for Park Road and Pottstown Pike. Instead of creating a separate multi-use trail for the Village of Eagle, a village streetscape would be constructed. The multi-use trails would be asphalt and eight feet wide with four-foot shoulders. Ott estimates that each square yard of trail would cost $20.

Pedestrian side paths, which are six feet wide, will cost about the same. Side paths are planned for Byers, Dorland Mills, Fellowship, Font, Greenridge, Krauser, Little Conestoga, Milford and Moore roads, Pennsylvania Drive, Senn, Styer and East and West Township Line roads.

The cost of installing two, lined, four-foot bicycle lanes and signs on East Township Line, Font, Greenridge, Little Conestoga and Moore roads is estimated to cost $94,116. Installing signs on existing bike routes will cost about $99,486.Committee member Walt Styer said one of his priorities is looping the trail through Font, Milford and Krauser roads. Wayne Martin, another committee member, said his main priority is making sure the trails are safe.

For months, the Upper Uwchlan Trail Committee has been discussing where trails should lead, what features they should have and what areas are conducive to multi-use trails, which allow both biking and walking. The committee has named St. Matthew’s Park, Marsh Creek State Park, Eagleview Town Center, Hickory Park, Shamona Creek Elementary School, Eagle Village, Pickering Valley Elementary School, Fellowship Field and Hankin Library as destination points.